“Your Membership Pays for Itself”

More specifically, the benefits of PIADA membership include the following services, products, education, as well as membership and benefits from PIADA’s national affiliate, the NIADA.


Education Seminars

We hold educational seminars monthly at various locations throughout the state and PennDOT’s Act 152 mandatory issuing agent (t-tag) course is offered to PIADA members and their staff at a discounted rate.


Magazine and Email Blasts

 We send you the Magazine to keep you apprised of industry and regulatory information.  Our new Email Blast Service provides updates in real time to keep the dealerships and auctions aware of the latest industry and regulatory developments.


On-Line Title Services

We provide members online services at reduced rates.  All dealer titles are processed and mailed within 24 hours.  Our service includes a review of paperwork before submission to PennDOT.  We also have a regular messenger service for processing title work, temporary tags, duplicate titles, registration renewals, etc.


Messenger Services

We provide a messenger program and the ability to pick up temp tags for a faster turnaround time.  Our service includes assisting with stop codes and hand carrying documents to the state departments.


Dealer Business Services (Dealership & Auction Licensing, Agent Contract, Banking License)

Dealer and Auction Licensing: PIADA dealer services help you from setting up your first dealership to registering a change of address or ownership. We can help you with new or renewal salespersons license, criminal record checks and name changes.


Agent Contract: We provide assistance with obtaining Agent Contracts from PennDOT for processing title and registration transactions.


Banking License: We can also help you obtain finance licenses required from the Pennsylvania Department of Banking for customer vehicle purchase financing.


Forms and Supplies

We provide crucial dealer forms at discounted prices, including state agency and PennDOT forms, with rapid turnaround time for orders paid and received.


Dealer Call Center

Our Call Center is available to answer your title and registration questions and provide you with instant service.  Call 717-635-2595.


Coupon Savings Book- Pays Your Dues!

As a PIADA member you will receive with your membership, the PIADA Coupon Savings Book valued at over $17,000 worth of coupons.  If you use your coupons at two or three participating auctions per year, or sell service contracts for the participating warranty companies, you will more than get back your annual dues to PIADA.



CARFAX reports are provided to members at a discounted rate.


Government Representation and Lobbying

In order to address the concerns of dealers, the PIADA meets regularly with government officials from state agencies that regulate the used car business in Pennsylvania.


We also utilize a PAC Fund and the services of a lobbyist to implement PIADA’s legislative agenda and to assist in resolving bureaucratic issues as they arise in state agencies.  For example, PIADA was successful in obtaining an increase in the document preparation fee from $55 to $100 plus annual cost of living adjustments.


NIADA Membership

Your membership with PIADA and payment of PIADA yearly dues (which include NIADA dues) gives you membership in the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association.  NIADA represents dealerships interests by meeting with federal government officials.  In addition, NIADA provides members with the highest quality, competitively priced, leading edge and high impact member services.  To accomplish this objective NIADA Member Services has partnered with many entities that offer excellent services to help members grow their businesses, protect their assets, and enhance their profitability.


The NIADA Member Services National Member Benefit Program was formed in 2011 in order to provide our members with an extensive, highly vetted roster of partners they could rely on to provide a broad portfolio of services they utilize on a daily basis.  Through discounted affinity agreements NIADA Member Services now offers numerous member benefit services in the following areas:


·          Auto Parts/Chemical Supplies

·         Business Management Services

·         Financial Services

·         Information Services

·         Insurance Services

·         Sales/Marketing Services

·         Technology Services

·         Vehicle Transportation/Logistics


For those dealers with neither the time nor the staff to conduct thorough supplier evaluations, NIADA members look to NIADA Member Services for outstanding partner recommendations and discounts.


PIADA: “Good for Dealerships.  Good for the General Public.”



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